Blue Ankles And Ankle Veins Are Often Caused By Treatable Venous Reflux

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Blue ankles and small, visible veins at the ankle and instep are a common medical issue caused by the vein problem “Venous Reflux.” Modern vein treatments can now easily cure and clear these unsightly and often painful ankle veins. To determine if your blue ankles and ankle veins are caused by the treatable vein problem “Venous Reflux,” the first step is to schedule a Blue Ankles & Ankle Veins Consultation with the vein specialists at Mountcastle Vein Centers. Please read the following information below to learn more on how underlying vein problems cause blue ankles and visible ankle veins.

The medical term for this issue is “Corona Phlebectasia,” and patients with these visible veins at the ankle and instep often complain of itching, burning, and aching legs and ankles. In Venous Reflux, the veins fail and do not allow blood to properly circulate back towards the heart. Excess blood that cannot return to the heart then pools in the veins of the leg and ankles.

This pooled blood in the ankle veins then causes the ankle veins to expand with blood and to be seen as visible on the ankle’s surface. This blood can often leak from the ankle veins into the surrounding ankle tissue and skin, causing discoloration, aching, as well as a sensation of hot and itchy skin.

To cure and clear these ankle veins, the veins that do not properly circulate blood to the heart must be treated. Once these failing veins are treated, the blood can naturally redirect itself through healthy and properly functioning veins. When the blood properly returns to the heart and no longer pools in the ankle veins, the ankle veins are no longer enlarged and no longer visible. The aching, itching, and hot-feeling skin caused by this blood pooling in the ankle veins also goes away.

After determining the location of your failed veins using Duplex Diagnostic Ultrasound technology, the vein specialists at Mountcastle Vein Centers can then treat your veins using state-of-the-art procedures such as EVLT Laser Treatment, Ambulatory Phlebectomy, and Sclerotherapy. Mountcastle Vein Centers’ procedures are all non-surgical, minimally invasive, and require little to no downtime for recovery. Additionally, most of our procedures are considered “medically necessary” by insurance companies and are covered under major insurance plans and Medicare.

The first step to treating the Venous Reflux that may be causing your blue ankles and ankle veins is to schedule a free, educational Blue Ankles & Ankle Veins Consultation at Mountcastle Vein Centers. Your Blue Ankles & Ankle Veins Consultation is completely free of charge, and this visit will not be billed to your insurance.

To schedule your Blue Ankles & Ankle Veins Consultation, please call us at (727) 865-6941. Our office staff is available from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

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