Spider Veins Are Often From Internal Vein Problems


Spider veins in the legs are often the sign of the common but serious vein problem “Venous Reflux.” Spider veins are small, often hair-thin, red, blue, and purple veins that are often visible on the surface of the leg. The vein problem “Venous Reflux” that often causes spider veins is now easily treated with modern vein procedures.

To treat your spider veins and to determine if your spider veins are from Venous Reflux, the first step is to schedule a Spider Veins Consultation with the vein specialists at Mountcastle Vein Centers. Please read the information below to learn more on how Venous Reflux causes spider veins and how spider veins can be treated.

Venous Reflux that often causes spider veins occurs when the leg veins do not properly circulate blood back to the heart. When leg veins fail to properly circulate the blood, this blood then pools and remains in the leg veins. These leg veins then swell and expand with the excess blood that cannot return to the heart. Sometimes these swollen veins lead to swelling of the tiny vessels on the skin’s surface, which are the visible spider veins on the leg.

To treat spider veins, the failed veins that do not allow blood to properly circulate to the heart must first be treated. Unfortunately, many dermatologists or cosmetic practices have only treated their patients’ surface spider veins, and do not also treat the internal, failed veins that are causing these spider veins in the first place. With these patients who do not have the cause of their spider veins treated, their spider veins come back and get worse over time. In addition to clearing the surface spider veins, Mountcastle Vein Centers also treats the internal, failed veins that are the primary cause of spider veins so that the spider veins do not come back.

With these failed veins treated, the blood then naturally redirects itself through healthy, functioning leg veins and can properly circulate to the heart. The blood then no longer pools and no longer contributes to visible spider veins on the leg’s surface. It is important to get treatment as this pooled blood in the legs caused by Venous Reflux can not only lead to spider veins but also to complications that may result in blood clots. Additionally, Venous Reflux is a progressive medical problem that only gets worse with time.

Modern vein procedures at Mountcastle Vein Centers that treat these failed veins are non-surgical, require little to no downtime, and are often covered by insurance. Vein procedures to treat these failed veins include the safe and effective treatments of EVLT Laser Procedure, Sclerotherapy, and Ambulatory Phlebectomy. Additional spider vein treatments include VeinGogh Radiofrequency procedure.

The first step to treating your spider veins is to schedule a free, educational Spider Veins Consultation at Mountcastle Vein Centers. Your Spider Veins Consultation is completely free of charge, and this visit will not be billed to your insurance.

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